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Enjoying Maths

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Some might ask, “Enjoying Maths. Are you kidding?”

We all agree that learning Maths is very important. Maths is core to the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths] learning, it is one of the subjects that is connected with most of the other subjects we learn, and above all, developing a Mathematical thinking helps a lot, irrespective of what field we are in. No wonder numeracy is being assessed right from earlier years in our life. However, for many, the mere thought of Maths is frightening.

Is Maths beautiful? Is it simple?

The beauty lies in its ability to arouse our curiosity, to make us explore and discover, and its logical and natural progression. Yes, it is simple, provided our pupils are guided and trained by great teachers who can make it interesting and enjoyable for them. If they build a strong foundation, and progress well by not missing any of the topics and sub-topics as they move along, they will find it easy to learn. Not easy, but doable.

When the teachers follow approaches like ‘Simple to Complex’, ‘Examples to Generalisation’, and ‘Known to Unknown’, our children will start finding Maths easier. When they find out the correct answers themselves, it creates a great feeling of accomplishment and proud for them. That itself will act as a great motivating factor for them to learn more, better, and faster. They will come up with different ways of solving the same problem. They will wonder at how easily some of the questions otherwise seemed very difficult could be answered. They will start enjoying the beauty of Maths!

The key is to entrust them with the right teachers.

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