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NVR – You can nurture it!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Non-verbal reasoning is one of the topics pupils do not learn as part of their curriculum, but which is very important from the 11 Plus perspective. In fact much beyond 11 Plus.

Even though closely associated with one’s general intelligence, it is another skill that can be well nurtured. The key is how to do it. The first and foremost is to understand what such tests try to assess. Pupils should then get exposed to the various types of questions that are relevant to their tests. They should learn as many ‘common rules’ as possible. One rule at a time is a suggested approach. The next most important aspect is to familiarize with different types of questions they are likely to face, over and over again. In the meanwhile they should learn the tips and tricks, and the crucial time management skills too, with experts. This way, they can arrive at the answers more quickly, without panicking, and ace the test!

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