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Eleven Plus

The Learn, Practice, and Test (LPT) Approach

At Tutorwaves we follow the tested and proved LPT approach. It is a continuous cycle. Firstly, the pupils learn one-on-one with assistance from expert tutors. They will then practise, practise, and practise, to strengthen what they have learned. Next, they attempt tests -practice tests as well as mock tests – to know the gaps, and then they along with the help of their tutors will fill the gaps and be ready to ace the test. In the process they deepen their knowledge and enhance their skills.


11 Plus Live Online Tutoring (Learn)

Our live tutoring helps the child to have a thorough understanding of the concepts and ideas. The tutor inspires the student and helps to think far and wide. Through simple, and clear explanations the tutor helps the student fill gaps and learn thoroughly. They learn to apply the knowledge and skills learned, in new and similar/ different situations. They also learn the time management skills, and the tips and tricks for cracking competitive exams.
There are three plans as per the requirement and the availability of the child.
(a) Long Term
(b) Short Term
(c) Crash Programs

11 Plus Free Tests (Practice)

The learning is never complete without proper and sufficient practise. In fact, it gets thorough only when practised more.
The tutors share practice worksheets after each class in addition to what is done in the class. In addition, there are online practice tests available. These tests are prepared by expert tutors, and cover each of the subtopics relevant to 11 Plus exam.

11plus practice tests

11 Plus Mock Exams (Test)

Apart from the subtopic wise practice tests throughout the course duration, we offer full length online mock tests. The more tests the students attempt, the more confident they will be to sit and ace the original exam. These tests help in identifying the weaker areas and working on them. Students improve their speed significantly, learning to manage their time well.


  • Opportunity to build key learning points and the skills necessary for a good score in the 11Plus exam.

  • Quick way to assess the strengths and weaknesses.

  • Exposure to a wide variety of questions strictly as per the  GL/ CEM styles.

  • A sure-fire way to build confidence in preparing for the original test.

  • The best path to continuous improvement and deep learning.

  • Simple, safe and secure way to attempt tests.

·  About our Online 11 Plus Mock Exams.

  • Designed strictly based upon similar lines to the CEM eleven plus examinations for Grammar School.

  • Prepared using original material by expert and experienced TW UK Grammar School academic team.  .

  • Examination Window: 7am-10pm (2 hours will be required to complete this exam) This means your child must start the exam by 8 pm at the latest.

  • Your child will only be permitted to attempt each section of the exam once. Immediately after the exam, you will receive a detailed result, with an explanation for each of the answers and highly useful analytics. 

  • Focus on testing the key learning points and skills necessary for a good score in the 11Plus exam

11 plus mock exams
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