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Child at Psychologist

Key Stages 1 to 3 - Live online tutoring

Key Stage 1 relates to children aged five to seven years; Years 1 to 2.

Key Stage 2 relates to children aged seven to eleven years; Years 3 to 6.

Key Stage 3 relates to children aged eleven to fourteen years; Years 7 to 9.

As these three stages require more personal attention, an online one to one class will be more effective than any other mode of tutoring. Our tutors not only personalize teaching but reach out to the level of each and every student. Homework after each session, assessment tests with report cards after each unit/chapter, and parent- tutor discussions take care of the child’s academic needs without disturbing the busy schedule of the parents.

Key stages 1 to 3

GCSE/IGCSE - Live online tutoring

Both GCSE and IGCSE are equivalent set of exams and GCSE can only be taken in the UK whereas IGCSE is taken by many independent and international schools across the world including the UK. There are Cambridge, Edexcel, and AQA variants of the GCSE and IGCSE.

All our tutors are well experienced in coaching students to succeed at both GCSE and IGCSE exams. Our tutors work with the children with a tailored approach after identifying their level and unique requirements. The program provides periodical assessment tests, detailed feedback, regular homework, and parent-tutor discussions. 


A Levels - Live online tutoring

UK education system had a unique transition between high school and university. While in many other countries, students join university after graduating high school, in the UK they have to sit for another national exam, A-Levels, a two year program before joining a university. A-Level courses are provided by Sixth Form Colleges and Further Education Colleges.

You can choose as many as you prefer from the available subjects; however, it is better to focus only on three of them.

The UK universities are highly competitive and A-Levels play an important role in getting an admission. Universities usually look for applicants with at least three A-Levels with top grades in subjects closely related to the university course you have applied for. Going for more than three can limit you from scoring high in each. A-Levels are really tough and you need to work hard to succeed.

Being an advanced programme, we have tutors well exposed to the system with proven success rate. Our one-on- one classes help the tutor to identify the strength and weakness of the students and monitor the progress on a regular basis. The programme includes periodical assessment tests, detailed feedback, and regular homework and parent- tutor discussions. 

A levels

Computer Science

Computing and Computer Science are becoming more and more significant in every aspect of our life. Highly diverse and overlapping, Computer Science is the study of what computers can do. It encompasses the fundamental theories, engineering, and applications.
Our expert faculty help students learn Coding/ Programming from low level languages to high-level languages like Python. There are courses in web technology, and MS Office. Those who have a liking for drawing as well as computers could make use of courses in tools like Blender (3D Creation suite).

Computer science
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