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Ten reasons why any parent cannot downplay mock tests

Turning up for an examination unprepared? No way. Most of the parents know that they should take their child’s dreams seriously. However, there are instances where appropriate efforts are delayed, for whatever reasons. The end result is that the child sits the exam lacking the self-confidence needed to crack it.

Studies and experience of numerous winners have proved the effectiveness of mock tests in the preparation for examinations. There are different ways they can help students make sure they are on the path to exam success. Given below are only a few of them.

1. Overcome procrastination: Everybody knows that the exam is very important, and that it is very important to start learning in a systematic way. However, it gets delayed. When you start attempting mock tests, it encourages and forces you to get on track, and put in place a consistent study plan.

2. Formulate and practise an effective revision strategy: Of course, there is no single correct way. What works for one may not work for the other. Mock tests help the student, and the parents and tutors to formulate the most appropriate strategy for each. For example, the tests let you know the topics or subtopics that require more focus, better time management etc.

3. Understand strengths and areas needing improvement early on: Time matters. Understanding the areas needing improvement and working on them is crucial. If not done early on, you may run out of time.

4. Get used to the exam situation: Students of all age groups pass through exam anxiety. If you cannot get rid of it, there are different ways to minimize it. When your child sits multiple mock exams of high quality, they get exposed to all the relevant subtopics and different types of questions in the same or similar pattern as they are going to see in the original exam. This is a big reliever for them.

5. Boost self-confidence significantly: Low self-confidence stems from lack of knowledge, and the skill sets needed to perform well in the exam. This is due to lack of sufficient motivation, training, practice materials, and sufficient preparation by the student. By working on the gaps identified during the mock tests, and by seeing the progress made consistently, the level of your child boosts up.

6. Learn deeper and wider: Mock tests are not merely to determine the score. Studies have shown that that our brains work much more effectively when seeking answers to questions than from passive reading. Also, the varieties of questions make the students think far and wide, and stretch themselves to expand their knowledge and understanding.

7. Measure, to improve: It is said, “you cannot improve what you don’t measure.” Mock tests help track your progress with instant results and explanations.

8. Better have the shock in the mock: If there is no shock in any exam, well and good. However, if at all there is going to be, let it be in the mock. No need to feel bad or dishearten. Take it as the best opportunity to improve, and work on them by taking them as a challenge. Avoid any shock in the real exam.

9. Learn to manage your time well: Time is a scarce and crucial resource. In competitive exams like the 11 Plus, it is more so. Even if your child knows the perfect answer to all the questions, unless she (he) is able to finish answering the questions in the stipulated time, it doesn’t help. Mock tests do help a lot here too.

10. Get exposed to a wide variety of questions: There is no set pattern. It’s very difficult to predict the type of questions precisely. The only way to mitigate this risk is to get familiarised with as many types and situations as possible. Your child accomplishes this as well, when they attempt as many mock tests as possible.

By any standards, it will be a wise decision for you to help your child by getting her/ him as many high-quality tests as possible. It will be an investment that will get paid off well.

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