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The inevitable part of language learning

Reading is fundamental in helping one find and convey information. It is a necessary skill that is developed at a very young age.

Reading comprehension is there at every level, maybe the complexity varies. It is about teaching students how to think while reading.

Reading by far is the single most important tool or technique in learning English language. You learn grammar, vocabulary, and usages, all through reading, unconsciously. The reader gets exposed to a wide range of subjects and topics.

Find the most important comprehension skills that can be taught and applied to all reading situations:

1. Summarizing

2. Sequencing

3. Inferring

4. Comparing and contrasting

5. Drawing conclusions

6. Self-questioning

7. Problem-solving

8. Relating background knowledge

9. Distinguishing between fact and opinion

10.Finding the main idea, important facts, and supporting details

A reading comprehension tests a student’s reading skills, and ability to understand, recall, apply, analyse, evaluate, and create thoughts and observations based on the passage given. It could be recalling specific details, finding meaning and type of words/ phrases/ idioms, drawing inference and conclusions, identifying the tone of the author, or making out the theme of the passage. These are assessed through a variety of smartly framed questions.

There are different ways of training pupils to do well in reading comprehension. It starts with improving reading skills. Since time management is one of the critical aspects, developing reading speed is very important. Having a strong vocabulary is the next. The pupil should be able to differentiate between main ideas and specific details. Distinguishing facts from opinions matters a lot. This is not a complete list. Only with a proper assisted learning programme can pupils score well in reading comprehension.

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