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Verbal Reasoning – Thinking with Words and Numbers

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Verbal Reasoning is important in a child's life both as a student and as an adult. Simply speaking, this is understanding and reasoning using concepts defined in words. These skills will allow your child to develop qualities like perception, empathy, logical reasoning, strong vocabulary, and skills in understanding and answering complicated questions.

Verbal Reasoning test measures a child’s ability to ‘think and reason’. However, a good performance in the Verbal Reasoning exam requires a good vocabulary and also strong basic maths skills. Children having the habit of reading widely are more likely to do well in Verbal Reasoning. This may not be included in the school curriculum, but teachers and parents, working with their child can teach them the essential tips and tricks to solve the problems in the 11 Plus Exam.

Employers widely use Verbal reasoning tests in their recruitment process to assess how effectively a candidate can work with meaning, information, and implications from a text, since most jobs require you to understand and make decisions based on verbal or written information.

This is, all about the analysis of different texts, good vocabulary, and grammar. All of this means, you need to practice, read, and revise and we have what will help your child qualify.

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